Book Launch of Bridging the Ages

Photos of the launch of BRIDGING THE AGES, The Winding Roads and Stone Bridges of Kilcar and Glencolmcille 1750 – 1900.

Launched by: Margaret Sweeney, CEO of Postbank
on 19 June 2010, 8.30 p. m.

Venue: The Aislann, Kilcar, Co Donegal

Bridging the Ages (ISBN: 9780956582300) is available for purchase in local shops, County Donegal bookshops, and directly from the author via PayPal . Special price on the launch night only of €28.00.

The Author

Patrick McBrearty, a native of Kilcar, Co Donegal, emigrated in the 1960s to London, England. He is now retired and lives in Kilcar where he pursues his love of photography, hill walking, fishing and local history.

There are many important reasons to study our bridges and other aspects of local heritage, not least among them being the need to preserve the particular ancient craft of stonemasonry and to encourage the protection of historic stone structures in our midst which provide worthwhile rural employment, promote tourism, and the preservation of beautiful landscapes.

This book includes an illustrated photographic collection of some of the architecturally interesting stone bridges, culverts and pipes in both parishes of Kilcar and Glencolmcille. This is an opportunity to exhibit some of the area’s beautiful stone arch bridges, and dry stone built pipes.

These builders and craftsmen of bygone generations left us a legacy of architectural gems borne from their misery and privation - bridge structures that are not only beautiful in and of themselves, but which have, for those that remain, stood the test of time. To admire the workmanship of these bridges is to stand in awe of their gritty determination, imagination and artistry.

Many of the bridges were constructed before our fathers or grandfathers were born: they provide an anchorage to a thread that joined the community together down through the generations and also maintain the memory of the travellers who passed before us.

The communities of Kilcar and Glencolmcille are very fortunate to have such a rich heritage on their doorsteps and an abundance of ancient monuments, bridges and roads attesting to the highly skilled craftsmanship of their builders as seen today throughout the local landscape. The author feels we should cherish these monuments, buildings and bridges as part of our cultural heritage for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.

BRIDGING THE AGES  - by Patrick J. McBrearty

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